You matter. In fact, you matter quite a bit.

There is nothing more curious than the Self—we are such lovely mysteries, unfolding a just a little bit and revealing just a little bit more of our true nature every day. It’s up to us to notice it. To really notice—notice and embrace those glimpses and open to the possibility of our greatest Self coming forward.

  • I believe that people are capable of amazing things—deep healing, forgiveness, and of incredible acts of kindness and generosity.
  • I believe that no one is broken—that there is a hidden wholeness in all of us, just waiting to come forward.
  • I believe that in befriending the mind, and learning the language of body and spirit we access joy—we come home to the True Self who has wisdom beyond measure and is happy and healthy.
  • I believe that when we can listen—I mean really listed to the nuanced language of the mind-body-spirit we can access our wisdom and live the lives that we are truly meant to live.

What do I do? Well, I sit with people. I witness. I listen. I engage in a dialogue. I get curious—and invite you to join me in that curiosity.

This is what we do together. With compassionate curiosity we uncover your True Self—your Greatest Self, and allow that person to come forward and live the life you envision.
When you are willing to be vulnerable, curious, and trust that you have the answers within you, you are in a place where the deepest healing can occur.

That is the work that we do together.

We sit. We listen. We engage in dialogue. We get curious. We even laugh a bit. We heal.

My purpose is to remind you to be gentle with yourself, that you matter, that you are wise beyond words, that you are deeply and inherently loveable, and that your life is right here—ready for you to embrace it.