You matter.

Actually, you matter quite a lot.

Sometimes we all lose sight of our worth and our value, of our humor, our kindness, loss, and regrets. We lose sight of the elements of who we are—our story, our history, our passion. All of our parts matter, even the parts we don’t like, don’t want to remember, the parts we hide, and have hidden for so long we have forgotten them. And then there are the parts of us that we haven’t discovered yet or haven’t uncovered for a very long time. When we are in a healing space and able to speak our stories to someone who reflects our best Self back to us, we can see the parts of ourselves in a new light and as whole. Telling our stories with compassion for them and for ourselves allows us to integrate all of our various parts. I care for the stories of others and am honored to hear them, bear witness to them, and develop a collaborative relationship with the story teller.

Is the story that exists in your mind the same story that exists in your body?

Is it the same story that your spirit tells?

Whether in the space of a workshop, or the sacred container of the psychotherapy room, there is an opportunity to reveal the story within and hear it with new ears—with the ears of the True Self. It is in these spaces that there is an open invitation to be gentle—to learn the subtle language of the body and spirit while having compassion for the active mind that is doing the best it can to protect us. We can learn to discern our true story from the stories that no longer resonate, or perhaps were never truly ours at all.

My hope is that people will leave these spaces that I share with a deep love and respect for themselves, with the knowledge that they can both access and trust their inner wisdom and know that they already have all that they need—that they have learned the language of their own body and spirit and have a deeper understanding of their unique story.

I believe that there is something sacred about the healing process. Having one’s story, whether whispered or shouted, witnessed and received in the spirit of loving-kindness allows us to let go of the elements in our stories we no longer need. I believe deeply in this process and draw from the ancient traditions of Ayurveda (knowledge of life), yoga (to yoke, to bring together, to join), and Buddhist psychology (uncovering and embracing our “brilliant sanity”—our true nature).

I want for people to:

  • feel empowered
  • trust their inner and sometimes quiet voice
  • tune into their inner world
  • get to know and love themselves
  • take space to notice the static in our heads and find with peace in that silence space.
  • be grateful to our bodies even when they are suffering.

I believe that we can all learn embrace the typos in our personal stories, to embrace the imperfection of our very being and experience joy nonetheless—to find the gentleness within and to trust in the magic of the universe. To trust that inner knowing that says:  “I matter. Actually, I matter a lot.”

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